Welcome to the Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine is our first collection to be shown during Milan Fashion Week: a tribute to industrial production, innovation and color.

The Rainbow is a code common to both Luciano Benetton and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. "We are men of color", says the French designer. The palette will essentially be based on the primary colors of the rainbow: yellow, red, green, blue and a few touches of black.

The Machine is a tribute to our great industrial tradition, to our know-how, to our unique technological skills in the world. For this reason, on the catwalk, real knitting machines will be shown in the frame of a set with huge close-ups of products photographed by Oliviero Toscani.

We chose to show ideas that represent only a part of seasonal production, but that embody the new expressive “flow”. The "basics updated" by JCDC, which identified the strengths of the Benetton DNA and then exalted them, to create an up-to-date collection, elevating those original features that are now part of history: like the logo, the element of color, dyed garments, a certain sporting attitude.

A very strong style in terms of identity. Identity that for us has always been a ground for reflection: today, with all the brands embracing the concept of inclusion, Benetton stands out for its pioneering spirit.

The music, an industrial electronic created ad hoc by one of the most important sound designers in the world, Michel Gaubert, is an illustrious tribute to the Rainbow Machine.

Welcome to the new Benetton era.

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