Luciano Benetton receives his degree in New York

Luciano received the title of Doctor of Fine Arts from the prestigious American Institute of Technology at the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

As part of the graduation ceremony, Luciano Benetton was awarded an honorary degree “for his innovative contribution in the industrial field, for his courageous ideas and for his constant search for unity, civil responsibility and respect among individuals.”

Luciano Benetton commented, saying “I am particularly honored and excited to receive this honorary degree from such a prestigious institution in a city that continues to be the beating heart and extraordinary showcase of art and culture. I have always admired the American melting pot that has certainly inspired us in our mission to color the world. I dedicate this recognition to my country, Italy, and above all to the young people who I always invite to dream with courage and optimism to build a better civilization.”

Joyce F. Brown, president of FIT, commented, “Creativity and innovation are central to the curriculum and community of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and commitment to diversity is one of our constituent principles, which is why Luciano Benetton is an extraordinary example for our students. He is a source of inspiration both for his successful career, characterized by a global vision and an innovative approach to business, and for his human values, including a profound humanity and determination to face the most urgent issues.”