The cult of the oval ball

In Treviso the oval ball is a religion. The first rugby team was founded in 1932. But since 1979, with Benetton's entry into the club, the team has triumphed and become internationally known.

In 1995, Benetton Rugby Treviso was the first Italian team to be invited to the Heineken Cup, the equivalent of the Champions League for this sport. And the heart of the Italian national team is always composed partly by Benetton players.

Today, Benetton rugby is one of the most titled teams in Italy with 13 league titles, 4 Italian Cups and 2 Italian men's Super Cups, 16 women's league titles with the Red Panthers and 15 youth league titles.

Team play. Spirit of sacrifice. Respect for opponents. The values of this sport are the same as those that accompanied our brand in the race that made it a global point of reference for knitwear, creativity and social commitment.

The world of rugby is also a constant inspiration for our style. The white and green horizontal striped polo has become a classic Benetton garment, which generations of men and women have also worn in their spare time.